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Swim1st Team is a club member of Swim South Africa. We provide year round swimming programs for youth in and around the Johannesburg North areas. All Swim1st swimming programs are managed and implemented under the direction of the coaching staff.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) was established in 1999


Doping poses one of the greatest threats to sport today.

It harms athletes, destroys fair play and equitable competition and does irreparable damage to the credibility of sport.


Almost 200 athlete tests positive from a supplement every month world wide.


Typically, these are not athletes at the elite level, who have the guidance of dieticians and strong support teams, but younger athletes or those at levels which have less support.


Below are policies, information, e-learning tools and apps that will increase awareness of anti-doping issues that athletes and those who support them should be familiar with.


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